i think my mom went overboard on the zucchini bread making THEY’RE EVERYWHERE

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back home there’s a famous inn renowned for it’s ridiculously kitschy “themed” rooms that haven’t changed since like the 1960’s-70’s & i’ve always wanted to stay in one really bad (esp that last one like hello, giant round blue bed??? amazin)

here’s the hotel’s website for those of you interested

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i’m a booty warrior


inside The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Golden Age Batman

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rape culture simplified by Lil B

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when straight people get tired of seeing straight people on TV all the time and white people get tired of seeing white people on TV all the time, that might be a sign that it’s time to change things up a bit

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Yoncé Gets Her Freak On- Beyonce x Missy Elliot Mash-up

play this at every major event of the remainder of my life

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